This site is not active, because its owner died on 16 May 2006. Her spouses maintain this copy of it as a monument. We love you, Leigh Ann.
This site also holds a link to all her music.

Bienvenue chez

Leigh Ann

This is the machine on my desk at home. It's a Macintosh G3 350, and I'm very very happy with it. Macintosh rules.

The Ashby House

The house I live in was built circa 1915 and has been in my family since about 1920. It has a web site all its own.

Other stuff you can see here

The Alchemical Wedding

Pictures from the 2000 California Morris Ale

Pictures of our kittens

Pictures from Caitlin and Elton's Wedding

Objects in Mirror ...

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The inversion of my name was done (at a party, in about five minutes, on the bottom of a paper plate!) by the inventor of Inversions, Scott Kim, in 1993. (It reads the same upside-down as rightside-up.)